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Some common questions about Métis Transportation.

What is Métis Transportation?

Métis Transportation is a privately owned and operated public transit system. This system is designed to be a community based system as a community assisting another community.

Why is it called Métis Transportation?

As a community of People who care, this transit system is designed with the same caring and understanding of the Métis People. The concept of Métis Transportation was done by a Métis person with a vision and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Who will be part of Métis Transportation?

This system is designed to provide a training ground for the Aboriginal, Métis and local Community as well as the local community by providing direct and in-direct jobs.

How will Métis Transportation be different?

As a community-based transit system, Métis Transportation will create special "Community Days". These "Community Days" are designed to help and promote local community groups and events.

How do you set up your service?

As per our mandate, we meet with the local councils twice. The first is to request a letter of support to survey the community to see if the general public wants transit service. If over 60% of the respondants are positive, then we ask the local council for a second letter of support to start the process to bring transit to that community. This process is done currently at NO cost to the taxpayers.

There will also be a chance for the community to have their say by requesting additional service, bus stops, community recycling bins and more.

Métis Transportation is currently 100% self-sufficient.
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