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Everyone is invited to offer their ideas below:

1. Click here to see our buses.

2. If you would like additional service in or around your area, please contact us and let your neighbours know as well. When 100 or more requests are made (within a one month period) by either mail, e-mail, phone or in person, we will look into providing new or additional service to your area as soon as possible.
Click Here to see our request form.

3. ALL bus stops are placed in the most strategic place possible. Also, if you would like a bus stop where you live where there is current or proposed service, please click here to see our request form.

4. Additionally, we will offer a special day once a month that we would like to call our "community days". It is our way of helping to promote the community, its events, people, organizations and more.

Tentative "Community Days"

January - Community Fundraising
February - Family Day
March - Community Food Drive
April - Community Fund Raising
May - Farm Appreciation Day
June - Native Events
July - Community Fundraising
August - Customer Appreciation Day
September - Community Fundraising
October - Farm Appriciation Day
November - Community Fundraising
December - Community Food Drive

5. Métis Transportation has teamed up with Emergency Patrol Search Rescue & Communication Inc in providing emergency response as well as emergency training. Visit their web site for more information.
How to read our bus destination signs on the front of the bus.

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